Linda's wardrobe Challenge

A whole year of not buying any new clothes, and just revamping the ones I already own.

  1. Transforming a weird shapeless top into a gorgeous strappy holiday top: I bought a second hand top last summer from the same place I buy most of my clothes…….yep, Ebay! But it was an odd shape with peculiar bows down the front, so I never wore it, but hung onto it because the material is really pretty. Today I decided to revamp it into a perfect holiday top.
    I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with it but basically made it up as I went along, and actually had no idea if it was even going to work.
    I started by cutting out two triangles shapes (each large enough to cover a boob!), from an old white sheet which I would use as the lining, (it needed to be lined as the floral material is very lightweight). I then used these triangles as templates to cut out two of floral material from the top. I used the top section at the back for these as I wouldn’t need that part of the top later. I stitched the triangle pieces together down the centre fronts, and did the same with the two lining pieces. Then with the right sides together I stitched the front of the dress to the lining along the ‘v’ shape neckline. I then turned this through to the right way, ironed flat, and top stitched this. For the outside edge of the bra section I wanted to add binding to finish it off and create a tie so that it would be a halter neck. I used the top sections of the original top which I cut into 4cm strips for the binding. I sewed this onto the right side of the bra section at the outside side edges, then I folded the binding over the seam allowance and stitched down again to finish. (Here is a nice clear tutorial on attaching binding that explains it better than I just did: )
    To give the bra section shape I tried it on inside out and pinned where darts needed to be added to make it fit correctly. And I then sewed these darts, making sure both sides were completely equal.
    Next I cut two strips of the white sheet (long enough to each go around my waist plus a few cms extra). I sandwiched the bottom edge of the bra section between these two white strips of fabric and sewed together along the whole length.
    The bottom section of the original top was added to the other side of the white fabric band by stitching it to the front white fabric piece. I matched the centers of the bra section and the lower section and gathered the lower section as I stitched so it would fit.
    Lastly I folded down the inside piece of the white fabric strip and covered over the seam allowances with it and then stitched this in place.
    To fasten it I added a button (from the original top), and stitched a button hole to the overlap of the white fabric waistband. And its finished!!!
    I love this top so much! Its a proper holiday top (shows a bit too much side boob, but if worn with a bikini underneath - totally fine!)
    Now I’ve started on my holiday wardrobe I just need to book the holiday! :D


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